Sunflowers In Houston, TX

Sunflower is bright and cheery,  warm, and as inviting as the summer sun. With brilliant yellow petals, also known as rays, sunflowers have a sun-like appearance that has made them a crowd favorite, especially in the summer months and it got its name from its close resemblance. This flower comes in different varieties in sizes and colors, in their sizes, some are small, very large, and in terms of colors,  there are yellow petals, red, etc. Due to its beautiful outlook, the Sunflower has different meanings such as adoration, loyalty, longevity, happiness, and joy.

Sunflower is from the genus Helianthus, with over 70 species. The Sunflowers are native primarily to North and South America, and some species are cultivated as ornamentals for their spectacular size and flower heads and their edible seeds in most parts of the world like in China. Sunflower is very valuable to humans both as an ornamental plant and as an economic plant. The Sunflower is so important as The leaves are used as fodder, the flowers yield a yellow dye, and the seeds contain oil and are used for food. The sweet yellow oil obtained by compression of the seeds is considered equal to olive or almond oil for table use. Sunflower oil cake is used for stock and poultry feeding. The oil is also used in soap and paints and as a lubricant. The seeds may be eaten dried, roasted, or ground into nut butter and are common in birdseed mixes. If you are living around the greater Houston TX area or you choose to visit this beauty will be a perfect gift to put a smile on someone’s face.

Sunflowers In Houston

Skyscraper Sunflowers

Skyscraper Sunflowers are tall flowers that can grow up to 12 feet tall. Skyscraper Sunflower is a garden giant that makes a great border plant to attract pollinators and even provides a little shade and can be gotten from Houston florists delivery.

American Giant Sunflowers

The American Giant Hybrid sun is a quite large sunflowers in Houston, TX, really it is huge sunflower, a huge improvement on the old garden varieties that you nursed along in the garden only to see them fall to the ground with the first big wind after flowering. American Giant Hybrid grows tall and stays standing long after the others fall.

Sundance Kid Sunflowers

Sundance kid sunflowers are slender, much shorter Sunflower than skyscrapers Sunflower that can grow up to two feet tall just like the Houston roses for every day.

Sunforest Mix Sunflowers

The Sunforest mix Sunflower consists of tall flowers Sunflowers that grow to reach 12 feet high across and stalks that are massive. They produce large yellow sunflowers with large blooms.

 Little Becka Sunflowers

 Little Becka Sunflowers is a cut flower powerhouse, plants produce legions of early, large, and pollen-less fiery copper-red sunflowers up to 5 in. across. With a yellow halo and dark heart, Little Becka displays a unique and bewitching personality.

Apart from the above-discussed Sunflower in Houston TX, there are other Sunflowers like Pacino Sunflowers, Russian Mammoth Sunflowers, Teddy Bear Sunflowers, Suntastic Yellow Sunflowers, Schweinitz’s Sunflowers, etc.